Smithville Park, NJ

Summer, 2012

I have no special story for this guy. i have seen them a zillion times, and i happened to realize i could add another entry to my life catologue if i snapped him. so i did. šŸ™‚ And here he is. šŸ™‚

  • Size & Shape

    Canada Geese are big waterbirds with a long neck, large body, large webbed feet, and wide, flat bill.

  • Color Pattern

    Canada Geese have a black head with white cheeks and chinstrap, black neck, tan breast, and brown back.

  • Behavior

    Canada Geese feed by dabbling in the water or grazing in fields and large lawns. They are often seen in flight moving in pairs or flocks; flocks often assume a V formation.

  • Habitat

    Just about anywhere near lakes, rivers, ponds, or other small or large bodies of water, and in yards, park lawns, and farm fields.

  • Voice