Oh boy! Mourning Doves! Everyone anywhere ever has probably seen these. Not very exciting, but still kind of refined and majestic in their own way. clumsy, slow, never fly away until the last second, and then they practically explode into a cloud of wing whistles and feathers. Beautiful. Kind of boring sometimes. I love their cooing.

  • Size & Shape

    Plump-bodied and long-tailed, with short legs, small bill, and a head that looks particularly small in comparison to the body. The long, pointed tail is unique among North American doves.

  • Color Pattern

    Mourning Doves often match their open-country surroundings. They’re delicate brown to buffy-tan overall, with black spots on the wings and black-bordered white tips to the tail feathers.

  • Behavior

    Mourning Doves fly fast on powerful wingbeats, sometimes making sudden ascents, descents, and dodges, their pointed tails stretching behind them.

  • Habitat

    You can see Mourning Doves nearly anywhere except the deep woods. Look for them in fields or patches of bare ground, or on overhead perches like telephone wires.

  • Voice: