Oh, how exciting these little guys are. Brilliant eyed, Wonderously marked of wing, mimicing, singing, dancing marvels. My favorite part about them is how they dance in the grass, to scare up bugs, so they can catch them. how clever… you can see my best attempt at photographing this action in the second picture down from the top. beautiful birds.

  • Size & Shape

    A medium-sized songbird, a bit more slender than a thrush and with a longer tail. Mockingbirds have small heads, a long, thin bill with a hint of a downward curve, and long legs. Their wings are short, rounded, and broad, making the tail seem particularly long in flight.

  • Color Pattern

    Mockingbirds are overall gray-brown, paler on the breast and belly, with two white wingbars on each wing. A white patch in each wing is often visible on perched birds, and in flight these become large white flashes. The white outer tail feathers are also flashy in flight.

  • Behavior

    The Northern Mockingbird enjoys making its presence known. It usually sits conspicuously on high vegetation, fences, eaves, or telephone wires, or runs and hops along the ground. Found alone or in pairs throughout the year, mockingbirds aggressively chase off intruders on their territory.

  • Habitat

    Look for Northern Mockingbirds in towns, suburbs, backyards, parks, forest edges, and open land at low elevations.

  • Voice: