Hello. My name is Kim, and i am a birder from NJ.

This is essentially an online ornithological life catalog, that i may keep all my pictures, and facts, documented nicely. I take ALL the pictures myself, but the info beneath them comes from (most likely) allaboutbirds.com, whatbird.com, or wiki. I am not a professional, moreover, i am just a beginner.  So take what i put here with a grain of salt, should you come across it all, in your (hopefully) beginning searches of the interwebs, to find out what that freaky bird is. I am trying my best. 🙂

I started my journey into birding last spring, because i thought it would be great practice for my photography skills, to photograph birds. I was definitely right about that. Birding had provided me ample amounts of time to get to know my way around my new camera.

I had used a point and shoot variety camera, for the first two cameras i owned. It was the Kodak Easyshare C913. it cost me about a hundred dollars, even, for all the crap i needed. i had a silver one and a pink one, the latter of which i lovingly handed down to a good friend of mine. I would recommend them to anyone getting started. Lots of different presets, but nothing fancy or confusing like setting your own exposure lengths.

Honestly, im still clueless, about textbook photography, but i can work that camera that i have now, a two and a half year old Nikon P100, pretty well. And the shots i have gotten of EVERYTHING have been amazing. but naturally, in having a camera with so much more intricate adjustability, i wanted to try moving objects, and non landscape or creative arrangement. And, after photographing the ever living life out of our cats, and my fiancee, i settled on birds.

I had no idea what i was tapping into. No idea whatsoever.

So, last year, i sat on my porch, and also in front of my back kitchen wiindow.. I had some plants out there, and so we got a shepherds crook, and some cheap feeders, and there they were. Sparrows mostly, a couple mockingbirds, robins, grackles, starlings… I took some walks around our development and photographed the usual local avian life… chickadees, an occasional house finch. Mourning doves, that was mostly it for our home birds…

I documented all of these, and was developing a endless arsenal of photos. better all the time.

We eventually found our way to a wildlife reserve and historical park, where i got my first Woodpecker, a Kingfisher, and, a Blue Heron. Things were getting really exciting…

I will post these here, by type of bird, over the next several months.

The year went cold, and the seasons changed, and we began what was going to be a full six months of winter. Frigging yuck. : / I wasnt much into the idea of feeding them in winter, at first. i know better now. but i digress.

However, I The cold has finally gone away, and now, in mid april, and i have successfully switched from the back kitchen window, and yard, to the front kitchen window and yard, which has much better seclusion, and foliage.

Wow. Just, wow. The difference in the bird types that have come through has been amazing. Mny more birds than i had seen last season. Culminating, the beginning of my season, with a rare type, which had no business being in our area at all, this past week.

I remember looking out the window, and how my heart leapt, and how my hands shook with the camera. Lord, what an experience.

I immediately went out with my fiancee and did some price comparisons, and got some more tube feeders, and hangars, and suet and seed.

The rush, has been incredible. And i knew i wanted to do more, this year, than copy and paste bio information under my photos in a word document. I want to eventually get to writing out times of sightings, behaviours, changes in what seed im offering, calls and songs, and general blogging about my experiences, which, are quite thrilling and elatory. (<- Made that word up. What a beauty. <3)

So, Here is a picture of me, and some pictures of my setup in the yard. And, From here on out, Ill be popping in to add in more and more of the 27 types i have documented already, as well as any new birds who come through.

Nice to meet you, My name is Kim. And  I look forward to entertaining you, with my birds, and learning possibly, from yours. ❤

Now heres some pics.




Shepherds Crook, with a tube feeder of mix, and a Nyjer Seed feeder. I have not seen a finch on the Nyjer seed feeder. Fingers crossed. The Crook was on clearance at Tractor Supply, And each feeder was less than 5 bucks.


Tube feeder, and a suet block. There are now 2 suets in this tree.


A recent addition, of another shepherds crook, with a platform feeder on top. I made the platform out of a carving pan. I have since added the suet feeder on the left, to the tree above, And replaced it with the Nyjer finch feeder.


This is a feeder i made, the first one i had, this year. I wanted something open, and not quite so tube like. So i used an old cookie tin and some jewelry chain i got that wound up being no good for my intentions. This squirrel, is my arch nemesis.